Is baptism the moment of recieving the Holy Spirit?

This sermon addresses doctrine surrounding baptism and the Holy Spirit. While baptism is necessary for receiving the Holy Spirit for anyone of age, the book of Acts has two exceptions, the Samaritans and Cornelius. The Samaritans needed the laying of hands in order to enter them into the covenant for the first time, because of […]

Your Will Be Done (Lord’s Prayer pt. 3)


“Your will be done” is the fourth line of the Lord’s Prayer. Everyone is called to be an instrument for God’s will on this earth. However, we must first empty ourselves, and the Lord dwell in us, before we can do God’s will. God’s will is: to repent, to love the brethren, and to make […]

The Most Powerful Way to Pray


What’s the right way to pray? This sermon explores the first 2 phrases of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father who is in heaven, holy is your name”, and how they can reveal the character of God.